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3 predictions, 3 wickets. Shane Warne’s fascinating commentary and predictions.

We have always loved the predictions from the pundits before every game but Shane Warne took this to a whole new level altogether. He got his predictions over the air absolutely pinpoint on 3 occasions.He was commentating the game between Australia and India and in the comm box, he read the game so beautifully that he predicted that wicket is going to fall or something was there for taking and every time he did, there was a wicket fallen. It was absolutely fascinating. If I was listening to him on the radio and I would have still made the picture in mind and believe him blindly that this is what is going to happen.

3 times when Shane Warne got it absolutely bang on:

Scene 1: Nathon Lyon to Cheteshwar Pujara. Lyon landed all the 5 balls on the rough to Pujara and Pujara was struggling to cope up with the spin after pitching in the rough. Shane Warne on air said “This is the best over he has bowled and this is the last ball of the over And he can pick up the wicket as he has set it up beautifully “ and boom Pujara caught bat-pad in short leg.

Scene 2: This time Nathon Lyon to Md. Shami.

Lyon had 3 deep fielders on the leg side deep square leg, deep, and long onn. Md Shami had not faced a ball from Lyon as it was his first delivery of the over. Shane Warne on air “ Surely Shami can’t slog Lyon he has to defend one ball to get a sighted and surely he is getting out if he doesn’t and 3 fielders deep legside waiting for miscues slog ” boom Md. Shami goes for the slog and gets caught in the deep mid-wicket.

Scene 3: Mitchell Starc to Ishant Sharma this time around. Ishant Sharma was batting with no runs to his name and he had faced 14 balls already. Starc was running in and bowling at 140plus clicks he had bowled him full length and Sharma kept on defending and Shane Warne on air “ Short ball into the ribs would do the trick “ and guess what Starc does, bowls into the rib cage and hits Ishant as he tries to defend it hits him on his bat handle and Finch takes an easy catch in short leg.

If I was listening to him on the radio and I would have still had the picture in mind and believe him blindly. We always believe that it’s easy to sit and talk and predict the games but to sit and analyze the game every ball is just brilliant from Warney.

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