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Henry Olonga. New singing superstar in Australia.

Destiny takes us where we want to be. Trust the process and not the end result.
Henry Olonga is known for his skill in bowling but guess what? He turned up as a singer in a prominent show in Australia called ‘The Voice of Australia’.

Henry Olonga played his cricket for Zimbabwe. He last played for them in the world cup 2003.

He is quite famous with Indian contingent because of his performances against the little master Sachin Tendulkar in Sharjah where he picked up Tendulkar’s wicket. Later in the tournament, Tendulkar went on to outplay him by running havoc against them.

Olonga also played against  India in the world cup in 1999 where he claimed three Indian wickets with India needing just nine runs of two overs. Zimbabwe won the match by three runs.

He said in an interview “I’ve been singing a lot of music since I retired from my previous career. I just wanna sing now. Just sing,” said Henry Olonga.

“I grew up in a country called Zimbabwe. A lot of terrible things had happened in Zimbabwe, human right abuses when a man called Robert Mugabe came to the helm. This led to myself and Andy Flower to do a protest at the World Cup 2003. We wore black armbands as symbols of mourning the death of democracy. I lost my career and I then got exiled after receiving death threats in Zimbabwe. I finally settled in the UK for 12 years before coming to Australia,” said Henry Olonga in ‘The Voice Australia’ teaser.

He was Exiled for protesting the death of democracy.

Former Cricketers also congratulated him on Twitter.

Here is the full video:

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