Man behind the Indian run machines

What is a passion? The things which you love? The things that get you excited about? The things that make you happy? All of these feelings are true but one important thing about passion is that you live for it and your heart beats for it.

When you look at the Indian cricket team and their achievement past 15 months there has been a massive improvement of the performances whether it’s the batting, fielding or bowling. The performance of the players has been a standout with the exuberance of the youth and the winning mentality. Also, credit goes to the support staff of this team.

One such staff is Raghavindraa DVGI aka Raghu who followed his passion and went on to be an important part of this Indian cricketing outfit team and the heart of support system.

Born in Kumta (Canara district) son of a school teacher who decided to quit studies to become a cricketer at the age 15, went to Mumbai for a career in cricket but in the whole new world of Mumbai there was a hard time to sustain in the massive city where all the odds got better of him and eventually returned back to Hubli.

The story all began in Hubli. Started playing division cricket in Hubli for a couple of seasons but couldn’t do well to impress the selectors over the selection of his in the state side. However, he just couldn’t give up on cricket. He used to travel with Dharwad zone team as an assistant manager to earn money and take care of his expenses. He used to give throwdowns to the batsmen, fielding drills, catching drills.

After his stint in Hubli, he went on to meet a person called Irfan Sait who was the chief coach of Karnataka Institute of Cricket (KIOC) where he gave an opportunity to Raghu to play for his side Swastic Union Cricket Club as well as to assist him with the workload of coaching.

Irfan sait, who also has made some important contribution to Karnataka state cricket association provided an opportunity to Raghu to work with the senior Indian cricketers by giving them throwdowns for hours together and supporting them to fine tune their skills in batting in Bangalore. This also landed him the job in NCA (National cricket Academy). This situation continued for a while and the determination and will power to succeed kept him hungry for success in the ocean of the cricketing world.

The amount of hard work, time, composure which he had put in yielded him success when he was appointed to travel to Australia with Indian cricket team for the 2015 world cup and India went on to be the semi-finalist of this major tournament and after this successful tour of Australia in the world cup he travels with the Indian team on all the tours and helps the players to work on their skill.

The number of runs scored by Virat Kohli, KL Rahul, Karun Nair and all the Indian batsmen have majorly credited Raghu for providing them enough throwdowns and helping them to be more compact and precise in their batting skills. Indian batsmen have thanked him over their celebrations when they scored a hundred and which I believe it’s his hundred, not the batsmen’s.

This also makes us believe that no work is synthetic it’s all about the things that keep you going. He could have easily quit after not being successful as a cricketer but he never stopped working on it and he achieved what exactly he wanted to be. He has been a role model to many people coming through the small ranks and small place but his dedication, time, skill, and love never let him down and he went on to achieve major heights.

Dream big, achieve success never worry of the failures and keep following your dreams and rest will fall into your path.

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