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Indians and food are the matches made in heaven. you just cannot take food out of an Indian, such is a magic of food amongst Indians. There is altogether a different love story for a cricketer and food restaurants. From the likes of Tendulkar’s to Sourav Ganguly’s to Uthappa’s and to Kohli’s everyone owns a restaurant of their own.

Recently, Virat Kohli opened a new hotel in his hometown i.e. in Delhi called Nueva. located in R K Puram, New Delhi. Specialized in South American dishes. Why South American? I am not sure why but surely taking makhan and ghee out of the equation. One thing I loved about Virat Kohli recently, in an interview he said he doesn’t want to get connected to the brands or the things which he doesn’t do and he doesn’t want to be part of it anymore. Tha just unbelievable step that he took considering his im[pact of the effect which he has over his fans.

NUEVA specialized in South American dishes. Michael Swamy is the chef of the restaurant. He is not only the head of the kitchen but forming a team of young people. He is a food stylist and also a winner of an award-winning book on East Indian cuisine. He’s also a man of roving interest including filmmaking and he is not bad either.Michael also has his own food channel on YouTube called “CottageChef Culinaire” which features recipes, ingredient trails, cookbook reviews, hotel reviews and much more.

Nueva takes the Spanish route around the world and also scout out Argentinian, Brazilian and most of South American flavors. The restaurant is spread across two floors ground floor is a bar lounge and the first floor is for the dining private dining space that patrons can book for birthdays, anniversaries and their celebratory parties.The ambiance is very well matched with sumptuous art deco accents like a New York steakhouse and no wonder the music, Latin and might remind us of narcos, describes the brownpaperbag.

According to few food writers, few of the dishes they tried were just beautifully presented and carefully cooked. One of the dishes was Shrimp Ceviche, which is made up with Amarillo chilies and no wonder it’s the heritage of South America. This might feel undercooked but sashimi lovers will definitely dig this.


Shrimp Ceviche

One of the other dishes that brownpaperbag team tried was pan-grilled pork belly with a vindaloo glaze being the star of the menu – given the chef’s East Indian roots, and well, it’s slow-cooked pork belly. The vindaloo reduction was excellent and the pork was flavourful, but a little underwhelming, nonetheless.but the pork belly is a wee bit drier than we’d like.

If you are a prawns lover then definitely you should try the dish Grilled Prawns in Coriander Sambal, says the etreat team.It’s the southeastern flavor that relished.


Grilled pawns with coriander sambal

when it came to deserts, Yogurt Coconut Panacotta, love the smooth creaminess and it was served with a tangy fruit sauce which was beautifully presented.


Yogurt Coconut Panacotta

You can also try below dishes as well recommended by ibtimes.

  • Ceviche de Camarones
  • Sopa Brasilena de Frijol Negro (Brazilian Black Bean Soup)
  • Pariheula (Peruvian Fishermen’s Soup)
  • Spicy mole
  • Pan-seared Duck Confit with Chilean pear sauce
  • La Caja de Pinturas (a decadent dessert platter of pink purple raspberry mousse, peppery lemon curd, fresh summery orange curd, decadent spicy chocolate mousse with crisp sponge biscuits)
  • Peruvian piscos



Reviews from Zomato:

Priyanka Kathuria:

Wonderful place, great food and ambience, amazing desserts and lemon mousse and other flavours just makes one speechless, amazing pork and beautiful presentation, loved the place.

Sumeet Panda:

It’s probably the first South American cuisine restaurant I’ve been to in Delhi. I’m not sure if there is another one. It specialises in Peruvian cuisine which was nothing short of delectable!
We started with the mushroom and cheese croquettes which was yum. Lamb with rosemary sauce could have been a bit more tender. The Palette cleansers were beautifully presented and quite good at that.
In the entrées, roasted chicken was cooked to perfection, adding the special sauces. Spaghetti alongwith the chicken made for wholesome meal. Duck was well prepared too. Trout fish was a bit short of spice but enough going for it. In the veg selection, veggies in basil sauce were actually superb.
Overall it was close to a food coma! Among my top recommends.

Manvita Gandhi:

This newly opened space at Sangam Courtyard is a star! Nueva has two floors. The ground floor is more of a lounge while the beautiful white marble staircase takes you to the fine dining area on the first floor. The interiors are beautifully done up. The staff was courteous and helpful with the menu.
I visited this place with my family for the simple fact that no other restaurant in Delhi caters to South American cuisine, and we were thrilled! We were welcomed by a palate cleanser, followed by our order of the drinks – Que Melon, Refresco Batidos and Ollantay. All three of them were perfectly blended and rather new to the tastebuds.
We ordered the following food :

  • Chicken Shashlik Piri Piri – The chicken was perfectly grilled and the entire dish was juicy and tasty.
  • Chili Lime Shrimp – Loved the shrimps. The sweetcorn along with it brilliantly added to the flavours.
  • Nduja – This was a spicy dish. However, the pork was minced well and along with the bread, it tasted spectacular.
  • Prawns with Coriander Sambal – This was presented with a good helping of sticky rice. The presentation of the dish was great. The coriander sambal was drizzled over the prawns and rice which gave it a lovely flavour.

In between our order, we were served with bottles of a concoction of watermelon, kiwi and lemon as a palate cleanser. The presentation was so cute, with a sphere of watermelon of cold ice amongst the bottles.
And for the dessert we ordered the most appealing name on the menu called ‘The Paintbox’. I clearly loved the concept. Adhering to its name, the dessert comes with several bite-sized biscuits along with four different flavoured heavenly mousses in cute little jars. There was an edible stick to paint our biscuits with. The raspberry mousse was my favourite.
We were also given a complimentary serving of their Yoghurt Coconut Panacotta, which was again terrific.
All in all, this is the next big thing on the Indian food scene!

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